Wordless Wednesday – Old Jeddah

Old Jeddah8 ©American Kat in Jeddah

Old Jeddah1 ©American Kat in Jeddah

Old Jeddah3 ©American Kat in Jeddah

Old Jeddah2 ©American Kat in Jeddah

Old Jeddah4 ©American Kat in Jeddah

Old Jeddah5 ©American Kat in Jeddah

Old Jeddah6 ©American Kat in Jeddah

Old Jeddah7 ©American Kat in Jeddah

American Kat

About americankat

I am an American expat living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Most of my time is spent creating, trying to keep my two kids occupied, and trying to satiate my wanderlust. Americankat.com is where I (sporadically) share these adventures.
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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Old Jeddah

  1. Nadjoua says:

    Thanks for sharing these pictures 🙂 I really like them

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