Advent Calendar 2013 {Days 1-5}

I have always, always, always wanted to buy/make/acquire by force an Advent Calendar for Christmas.  For some reason though, I never got around to doing so.  This year is different.  This is the first year the kids have ever spent away from the grandparents.  Although they show no signs of being stressed out by that, I knew that I would have to do something extra special this year…enter the Advent Calendar.  Some days have a piece of candy for each kid and a Christmas related activity, some have just an activity listed.  Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Advent Calendar - Day 1 - Put up the Advent Calendar   ©american kat  2013

Day 1: Put up the Advent Calendar. Since December 1st was National Day and we had National Day activities to attend to, the Christmas activity had to be fairly easy and quick.

Advent Calendar - Day 2 - Letters to Santa - ©american kat  2013

Day 2: Write letters to Santa. Notice American Son asked for socks.

Advent Calendar - Day 3 - Decorate Christmas Shirts ©american kat  2013

Day 3: Decorate Christmas shirts.

Advent Calendar - Day 4 - Make Cinnamon Ornaments  ©american kat  2013

Day 4: Make cinnamon ornaments.

Advent Calendar - Day 5 - Rise of the Guardians  ©american kat  2013

Day 5: Watch Rise of the Guardians.

Anyone else using an Advent Calendar this year?

signature American Kat 2013

About americankat

I am an American expat living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Most of my time is spent creating, trying to keep my two kids occupied, and trying to satiate my wanderlust. is where I (sporadically) share these adventures.
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