Life Goes On

We have been expats for 18 months now.

It has been eighteen long months since we have seen our  friends and family.

In the last 18 months we  have watched our kids grow like crazy.

Some of the changes for Alana since December 2012:


And Cameron:

  • learned how to ride a bike
  • made his first “best friends”
  • completed his first year of school (preK)  cameron first and last day of school © american kat 2014

Both kids:

  • flew on airplanes for the first time
  • got passports (and stamps for five countries!)
  • learned how to swim with confidence
  • learned a handful of Arabic
  • and this list could possibly continue for days, you probably get where I’m going with this.

And even though we are aware of these huge changes, it’s been really difficult to accept that everyone else’s lives continue to change also.  I mean, we’ve missed weddings, births, deaths, and almost every other huge event you could imagine.  Obviously we didn’t expect everyone to put their lives on hold while we were away, but it is so hard to be so far removed from everything.    Honestly, when we stop to think about it, it’s extraordinarily overwhelming.  I guess the old saying is true, life goes on…with or without you.

signature American Kat 2013

About americankat

I am an American expat living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Most of my time is spent creating, trying to keep my two kids occupied, and trying to satiate my wanderlust. is where I (sporadically) share these adventures.
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