The Blog That Wasn’t


It’s been a while.  I’m actually not even sure where to start.  A few big things you may have missed:
-Way back in October, while we were still in Abu Dhabi, we bought a house in the US.
-We’re back in NC and we’re loving it.
-Eric is now working twice the hours for half the pay.
-I have a job!  I haven’t worked since 2007, so I’m pretty excited about that.
-Alana is no longer homeschooled.  We’re about three months away from her next MRI/MRA and I am waiting on pins and needles for it.
-Cameron turned 6 and he amazes me everyday with his reading and writing.

Something you may have noticed – I’m now calling this little corner of the Internet  *TWO!* years ago when I started this blog it was mainly to share my travels.  I originally called it “An American Kat in Jeddah”, what I thought was a funny play on “An American Werewolf in Paris”, but I don’t think anyone caught on.  Before long I shortened that up to “American Kat”…short, sweet, to the point.  Now that I’m an American living in America I don’t really think the whole “American” thing is necessary.  So, here we are, on a blog about nothing, with no updates in months.  I have hopes of sharing my creative pursuits more now, but who knows.

Anyway – I just wanted to pop in to say “Hi, I’m still alive!”.  Keep an eye out for a bit of a new look around here and hopefully new posts.

About americankat

I am an American expat living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Most of my time is spent creating, trying to keep my two kids occupied, and trying to satiate my wanderlust. is where I (sporadically) share these adventures.
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One Response to The Blog That Wasn’t

  1. hario says:

    Abu Dhabi is same alike europe in asia. so “modern” place

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